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Family Tree of SWTOR

Family trees now possible in SWTOR!

Family trees now possible in SWTOR!

With a puzzling new Video and Update, Bioware has announced their new Family Tree system, which has left players across the galaxy confused and perplexed.

As it looks at the moment, the Family Tree is something¬† of a reward for making ungodly numbers of characters, then clicking on linking options in game to create your own ‘family tree’. How a single human can ‘produce’ five chiss offspring is both perplexing and even, some would say, unrealistic, but this has not stopped Bioware from making it possible for yours truly.

Not only do you make this fictional family tree, but being part of a developed one grants each character buffs and special abilities. Things to make them stronger in combat, and able to earn more money, if early reports are to be believed.

Valid concerns have been raised on the official forums by players who have instantly seen through to the core of what these updates represent, and that being rewards for players that spend copious amounts of time grinding up character after character.

As far as we know here at SWTOR Republic, this is really the first time any MMORPG has awarded players credit for how many characters they have. At least in others things are kept blissfully separate. It doesn’t matter if you are a level 90 Elder Jedi on one character, when you are on a low level you are a low level (and that is it!).

Since the exact potency and details of what being a member of such a family tree might grant a player, we are only speculating at this point as to how much of an effect to the game at large it will have, but players across the boards are hoping that Bioware will not go overboard with this blatant encouragement for players to invest even more time to remain competative.

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Update Brings Fans news of Troubling SWTOR Trend.

With the latest Game Update (1.1) Bioware has brought in a wide variety of changes and upgrades for Star Wars The Old Republic, which has left some fans recoiling In horror, as they recall past MMO trials by fire of a similar variety.

We are of course, talking about Star Wars Galaxies, and the swathe of updates which completely changed (in the players’ opinion for the worse) the way the game functioned on a fundamental level.
Although Bioware is far from implementing a Combat Upgrade for SWTOR, the precursors for an Upgrade, or New Game Enhancements as we saw in SWG are already in the works. With the latest update came a host of small changes, which have (although not entirely obviously) changed the state of player combat forever. This can be done by even the smallest changes, which may not be noticed in short fights. However, as time goes bye players will soon come to see the far reaching Implications of small upgrades and downgrades here and there, and begin pushing for different changes to be made.

Now remember, this is exactly how most games in the past have floundered. After the fact, players are universally disgusted by major game changing updates, but before the fact records show that a vast majority were in fact wishing for something of the sort. Everyone has some form of allegiance to their play style, so when they feel hard done by there is no shortage of letters to developers and forum moderators asking for changes that will return them to dominance.

As we see this beginning with a vengeance on the SWTOR official forums, many are hoping that other calming voices will be able to keep the team behind Star Wars The Old Republic level headed, so there is no chance of future game updates getting out of hand.

SWG players were less than impressed with their updates.

SWG players were less than impressed with their updates.

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