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Beta Numbers Swell Pre-Release

Troopers, quite a force to be reckoned with as they currently stand.

Troopers, quite a force to be reckoned with as they currently stand.

In the largest recruiting drive attempted thus far the Bioware executives have decided to more than double the number of current Beta testers of the past fortnight.

This has included the addition of the first batch of overseas players, including a large number from Australia and Europe. Supposedly this is with the hope to find flaws in the game’s combat system which will be exaggerated by the latency such locations entail, but far more likely is to bring news of the game to countries where it may not get quite as much direct advertising.

With the recent lift on confidentially clauses imposed on testers, we have seen a flood of screenshots and videos of the game make it onto social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube. Whilst this has not caused any problems so far, it has revealed that the game is not quite as flawless as it may have seemed from the early testing.

There are evidently quite a number of bugs with the player combat system, meaning so far battles have been far from balanced.
Trooper is the pick of the bunch as of now, with each being more than a match for 2-3 of any other class. This isn’t helped by the fact that classes such as consular are far from perfect, with many abilities misfiring right when the player is counting on them.

With more than two months to go before the game is released there is still plenty of time to iron these last bugs out. Lets hope this is done with plenty of time to spare, or players might be quite under-impressed after parting with their hard earned money.

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Troopers make some Progress

Today we were blessed with a new release, this time on the progression and stats of the Trooper class.

Like the other classes, Trooper will have quite a number of ways to specialise in order to cater perfectly to each players particular style. This is bound to make it one of the most popular classes, and we haven’t even begun to take into account its survivability and serious damage output capabilities!

Troopers of SWTOR will be the archetypical heavy blast-em class. Think Terminator or Rambo. Most will roam the battle field with heavy armour, and even heavier weapons which should make short work of enemies.

Although they do not possess any force abilities whatsoever, their ever-so-elegant weapons will probably be more than a match for most Jedi.

As we saw there are a number of different armour and weapon combinations already available, including a helmet which is for all intents and purposes identical to those found during the times of Episode III.

Despite its un-canonical nature this armour suit does look sufficiently bad-ass that we should see slim to nil complaints about it.

The two trooper specialisations, Commando and Vanguard look fairly similar, however as always fights are decided in the details, so each will certainly have their own places on the battlefield. At this stage Commando seems to be the stereotypical lock and load, shoot em up class, whilst vanguard is a more tech-savy and environment-aware specialisation. It appears they will even be more than a match for the occasional Sith Inquisitor!

With the release of SWTOR growing ever closer we can only hope Bioware continues producing these revealing, and always appreciated videos. If nothign else, they give players a good idea of what to expect once they begin play, and how they might find themselves facing up with enemies across a galaxy far far away.

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Ord Mantell

The war-torn Ord Mantell

The war-torn Ord Mantell

Ord Mantell is another planet which has featured in many Star Wars Books, Comics and Games. In The Old Republic it is like most of the galaxy at the time, a very violent planet. Decades of civil war have laid waste to its environment, and the fighting between Republic troops and the separatists resisting their rule does not look like it shall cease in the foreseeable future.


Ord Mantell was apparently settled during the early days of the Republic by Corellian colonists, so it is another very humanised world. Also like Corellia, it became something of a breeding ground for Smugglers, Bounty Hunters and other even less classy characters.

The signing of the Treaty of Coruscant marked the start of Ord Mantell’s civil war, as many underground groups wanted to see the planet pry itself free of the controlling hand of the Republic. Ord Mantell is currently the starting planet for Republic Troopers and Smugglers, so it will most likely be a low level world providing many missions for them to train on. They will get a chance to face off against less organised separatist factions whilst still on planet before their journeys take them out into the Galaxy to join the fight against the Empire. This should make it an ideal place for these players to learn their trades, as it will simulate the war torn environment that is most of the Republic during the events of SWTOR.

Before SWTOR Ord Mantell appeared in Star Wars Galaxies, although only as a space zone. Players were able to travel there to accept various pilot missions, although their ships were restricted to landing at the orbital space station.

A Republic base on Ord Mantell

A Republic base on Ord Mantell

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A heavily armoured trooper laying down the law

A heavily armoured trooper laying down the law

The trooper in SWTOR will be one of the main tanking characters on the Republic side. For those that experienced Star Wars Galaxies, Trooper will be almost exactly like the Commando profession of that game.

First and foremost, Troopers have high offensive capabilities. They wield heavy weapons and are experts in all kinds of munitions, including explosives and other ordinance. The typical trooper in The Old Republic will likely find themselves wielding a heavy repeating blaster, and increasing it’s already substantial DPS with weapon specific attacks and grenades.

To supplement their offensive capabilities troopers will have high defence, as they have access to all of the latest republic armour technologies. Unlike Jedi and smuggler classes, who rely heavily on agility and evading enemy fire to stay alive, troopers are quite content to stand still and blast groups of enemies from range.

Troopers are therefore ideal for tanking purposes because not only can they stand up to a lot of punishment, but they can deal out enough damage in an area to attract agro towards themselves. The strong combat focused abilities will also make trooper an easy class to play solo, as they should be able to tackle most enemies on their own rather than depending on others for assistance. This makes it an idea class for those less social players who like to venture out into the galaxy with just a blaster at their side. However, this won’t be at the expense of usefulness in group situations, because Troopers will still be very important in as tanks and dps machines.

In the Star Wars films we have only ever seen one non-force sensitive being (Jango Fett) who is anywhere near close to good enough to match a Jedi or Sith in combat. Troopers should also be at this level in SWTOR, as can be seen from the ‘hope’ trailer for The Old Republic at the bottom of this page. Even though they cannot command the force, Troopers will take advantage of their superior protection, armament and cunning to get the best of the Sith. Even if their blaster shots are blocked with a lightsaber, a well placed grenade or two should be more than enough to take down almost any opponent.

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