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Fan Friday Once Again

Fan Fridays are always popular within the SWTOR community, and this week’s was no exception.

As the game’s release date draws ever closer more and more artistically inclined fans are coming into the community, which has seen a huge amount of original (and exceptionally good) artwork flood the forums.

Out of the kindness of their hearts the Bioware blog writers acknowledge many of the most outstanding works in their weekly posts, which thankfully helps to encourage similar artists to show off their talents.

Also featured are some of the games most popular blogs, which even though they attract visitors away from the main site, help to increase general interest in the game none the less.

This weeks article featured one of our spin off blogs, SWTOR Life, which was started by the SWTOR Republic team as an outlet for more trivial news and speculation we did not feel appropriate for this main site. In this role it has so far done a great job, and on the occasional week it might even draw similar numbers to this, our main site!

As release looms more blogs will come out, many of which will attempt to copy the old and more mature websites already in place. As many in the blogger-sphere know this is almost inevitable in any new area, so we shall patiently await whatever ideas are thrown our way.

For next weeks friday feature, a leaked internal E-mail from Bioware revealed a new article the likes of which, I quote, ‘ Players have never seen’. This seems like something great to look forward to, but also brings a foreboding message, as this could easily be a turn for the worse, rather than good.

Lets just hope that with new information will come the same quality seen to date, and that the avid fans will continue with current efforts to produce an ever growing wealth of concept art!

A fan's idea of a holocron.

A fan's idea of a holocron.

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SWTOR finally on the Shelves!

Star Wars The Old Republic game cover.

Star Wars The Old Republic game cover.

After many years of waiting. More than two in fact. Cries of jubilation have gone around the community of Star Wars The Old Republic, as the much awaited game has finally gone on sale in stores across America and Europe, as well as on major internet retailers Amazon and Ebay.

For those who can’t bear to read further, here is a link to the Amazon page:

Buy Star Wars: The Old Republic

Many had speculated about the price of the game. EA themselves said half a million subscribers would be substantially profitable, but now that speculation is all over, and the real prices are available for all to contemplate.
The game is currently retailing at $80USD, which includes a free month of play with every copy. During activation credit card details must be entered, however no charge will be applied until the middle of the second month of play time. After that, ever month is US$18.99, which is a very competitive price for such a vast game in the MMORPG industry.

There have certainly been mixed expectations for Star Wars The Old Republic, but with its release finally a lot of these can be put to rest. We will not know the exact sales numbers for this early period until June, however market analysts predict that It will set the new record for most sales in opening week, a record held currently by the MMO giant World of Warcraft.

For the next three days Bioware will be selling a limited collectors edition of the game for the slightly increased price of US$100. This gets shoppers a leather bound case, along with a map of the galaxy and a card signed by one of the game’s developers. Apparently only five thousand of these are being produced, we went ahead and ordered three.

As players finally venture out into the universe of SWTOR, they are experiencing for the first time what they have waited so long to see. Lets hope it holds up to everyone’s expectations!

Click here to go to the Amazon page and Buy Star Wars: The Old Republic

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