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Class Intros

A storybord of the smuggler opening scene.

A storybord of the smuggler opening scene.

As we are all know, the Star Wars Films had some of the most distinct and well recognised introductions in modern cinema. Each had the classic Star Wars opening crawl, then a camera pan to see some space ships, generally travelling toward the planet. The most popular of these may unsurprisingly be that from the first film released, Episode IV, which showed the Tantive V being chased by an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Not to be ones to break tradition, the developers at SWTOR decided that they would incorporate similar opening crawls into their game in order to give it that real starwarsy feel. Not only did they do this, but it has been completed eight times (for each of the starting professions). This might even see players simply making one character of each class just to get a look at the beginning!

In addition to other recent news on the games other cinematics (which all look tremendous) , we were treated to another round of Q and A with the developers, where they answered a number of questions posed by the players. One big development coming out of this was that unlike many other MMORPGs, NPCs will speak out loud to players, and everyone around them will be able to hear it. How wise this feature is still remains to be seen (lets hope we aren’t deafened when talking to the same character as another player), but if pulled off correctly it should add depth and atmosphere to the game, as players will be able to overhear conversations as they stroll through a spaceport or battle alike.


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