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Pre Release Music

As noted in previous articles, the music of Star Wars The Old Republic is an incredibly important aspect of the game, perhaps more so than any MMORPG before. With more than six composers on their Payroll, Bioware has certanly acknowledged this, which should see a very immersing experience for fans.

Although the collectors Edition of the game comes with the official soundtrack and its 17 compositions, these only represent a small sample of the best the game has to offer.

Perhaps to the dismay of keen players that ordered the collectors edition of the game, effectively paying a premium for this CD, Bioware has begun releasing the game’s soundtrack, one track per day, up until the release date.

This has gotten quite a lot of attention from fans, with the videos gathering more than 20 thousand views each on the first day.

Since the composers on the job are well known and respected in the field of game compositions, many of them working on previous Star Wars Projects, a lot was expected of the team, so thankfully judging from the pieces released so far they have performed very well.

Although the writers have avoided typical Star Wars Riffs, such as those featured in the original Trilogy, this might turn out to be for the better, as it is sure to mean many more copies of the soundtrack will sell once the game is released, hopefully drawing in more potential players. The music is however, as expected, rather similar to the previous Bioware Star Wars Games, KOTOR I and II. This seems rather fitting as it is from the same (similar) Era, with the same forces battling for supremacy, with the same real life composers!

Following is perhaps the best track released so far, The Mandolorian Blockade, which has been worked on by a team of the composers. Sounds good!

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Bounty Hunter Progression



Bounty Hunter will undoubtedly be one of the most popular classes in Star Wars The Old Republic. This should have been evident from the game’s precursor- Star Wars Galaxies – which was always filled with players trying to ply their trade by hunting down others.

The latest Bounty Hunter progression video shows just how the players of the class will progress as they climbs the ranks of SWTOR. Like other professions, the class separates into two main strains, each with their own special abilities and armoury.

All of the armour and weapons shown so far seem to be very befitting of the way the class has been depicted in previous games and movies.
Many long time fans of the trade may have played Star Wars Bounty Hunter back in the days of Playstation 2. Although it may not have been one of the headline Star Wars games of the console (Battlefront series anyone?) It was certainly up there with the likes of Jedi Starfigher and their many run-offs.

One thing that players of Bounty Hunter might find interesting in SWTOR is sure to be the music, as once again the Game composing legend Jeremy Soule will be on the scene. Although we have not heard much of the game’s soundtrack so far, mainly because no testers are quite game to lose their testing rights, soon all will be revealed with the release in upcoming months. One thing is for sure however, like similarly composed Knights of the Old Republic, the developers will not look past the soundtrack, and every profession and past time, Bounty Hunter included, will have its own theme for players to grow to love.

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Hearing The Old Republic

Computer games only really rely on two senses for interaction, seeing and hearing.

While seeing is clearly the more important of these, to neglect sound would be a fatal mistake for any gaming company, now ten years ago, or even ten years into the future.

Some time ago we did an article on The Soundtrack of SWTOR, but only now has Bioware released any details on the combat and other external special effects that will be found in the game.

The new article goes through just how developers are choosing sounds, in order to make them fit well with the different classes and abilities these classes have.

Revealed is how each class is given its own persona, then has sounds tailored around this in order to fit as well as possible with the game. For example, unsurprisingly Jedi is a cool and calm class, so its sound effects for the various abilities are all about soothing and gradual build ups.

This contrasts well with classes like Inquisitor, who have very sharp and abrupt sounds. There are no slow build ups in volume, but rather when an inquisitor unleashes a storm of force lightning all players around him will know it from the wall of sound that hits them all at once.

Many players do not actively notice sound during a game, but this is generally because they are focused on the visuals. One way to test what sound adds to your game is to turn the volume off during play and see just how different things are.

Us at SWTOR Republic certainly know how big a deal it is, and we hope Bioware keeps up their great musical feats, such as those found in the game’s precursors, KOTOR I and II.

The SWTOR soundtrack in production.

The SWTOR soundtrack in production.

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The Soundtrack of SWTOR

The official SWTOR soundtrack

The official SWTOR soundtrack

When Star Wars was released, one thing many did not pick up on instantly was the quality of the soundtrack. When watching a film, or playing a game, people often do not realise they are receiving a constant stream of audio information. This is often the case with Star Wars, which is what makes the sound track so elegant and inspiring.

The background music of the Star Wars films has been incredibly popular over the years. The main theme, as well as songs such as The Imperial March have been used, sampled and re-hashed too many times to count. The Imperial March on its own has become one of the most widely recognised film tracks of all time, and almost everyone, whether they have seen Star Wars or not, instantly associates the music with evil and tyranny.

John Williams used a variety of audio techniques in Star Wars which influenced viewers opinions of the characters and events of the film to a great degree. Each character had their own ‘theme song’ which played whenever they were active in the film, and to accompany these themes were many battle, triumph and disaster scores.

The soundtrack will undoubtedly be a large part of Star Wars The Old Republic, as it has been in Star Wars games of the past. In KoTOR I and II Bioware elected to compose their own score, rather than re-hash the classic John Williams numbers which all Star Wars fans know and love. In SWTOR Bioware again plans to compose their own musical suite, with composers Mark Griskey, Gordy Haab, Jesse Harlin, Lennie Moore, and Wilbert Roget, II on board.

If you have played many Star Wars games before, you will have certainly heard the work of some of these men.  Mark Griskey was the composer of the Star Wars: Starfighter and Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II soundtracks, and many will remember Jesse Harlin from Star Wars: Republic Commando.

Following is the final battle theme from KOTOR II, composed by Mark Griskey:

And now Gra’tua Cuun from the Republic Commando soundtrack, composed by Jesse Harlin

With the combined knowledge of these artists, there is a lot of Star Wars music and sound effects experience under the group’s belt, so they should be able to do a great job of creating immersion, fitting and timeless numbers as John Williams did in the original Star Wars Films, contributing greatly to their success. If the Bioware developers can ensure that the selection of tracks is elegant, they are heard at appropriate times, and do not grow too tiresome after repeat listening, then the SWTOR soundtrack should be incredibly popular with players, and may do well enough to be made into a commercial product in its own right.

If you’re a big fan of Star Wars music, the 30th Anniversary Music Of Star Wars collectors box set is on sale now at Amazon.

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