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Gifting of SWTOR to continue post-christmas

2012's newest weapon of mass destruction.

2012's newest weapon of mass destruction.

With the Christmas cheer (Or Holiday Spirit for you mindless Politically Correct buffoons) truly done and dusted, it seems there has been no let up in the volume of SWTOR discs given as gifts between friends and confidants.

Recent research by the Harvard School of Psychology into negative gifting, i.e. giving gifts you expected and intend to have some detrimental affect on the receiver, may be able to shed some light on this and just why things are still rolling along so quickly at Bioware.

For years it has been recognised that (for reasonably competitive people) you can either have a) A subscription to an Online Game or b) Far reaching Achievements in life. Perhaps then this is why so many copies have walked out the door, because as shown by the Brown et Al research from the aforementioned Harvard school of Psychology, giving a game such as SWTOR to a budding enemy, or just non-cared-for acquaintance may be the ideal way to ensure he/she never again interferes with your life!

Professional rivalry? No problem. Romantic Rivalry? Not any more. The list of possible feuds that can be fixed by gluing your opponent to a computer is endless, so after all why should the end of the festive season be any reason not to make that last ditch effort to triumph over evil, once and for all?

Popular news services have commented on this as well over the last week, with quotes such as:

  • “Avoid the rush and buy for the Sith Lord or Jedi Master on your extended holiday shopping list.” – CNN
  • “I can recommend it for both Star Wars fans, online gamers and anyone with an addictive personality.” – New York Times
  • “Perfect for the recovering PC Gamer on your list.” –

So it would seem there is little potential buyers can do, SWTOR is your number one entertainment venue or weapon for 2012!

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SWTOR Off to Flying Start

SWTOR Off to Good Start

SWTOR Off to Good Start

So only ten days after release, the initial numbers are in for the current standing of the game.


And so far, the result is GREAT!

With more than a Million accounts being used since the early opening of the game, SWTOR has instantly rocketed to second place in the MMO world, behind the ever present World of Warcraft.


New sales records have been set right around the globe, after the most rapid subscriber increase the Industry has ever seen taking place just after Christmas.
This has been helped by the overwhelmingly positive ratings the game has received, with few if any giving any less than 9/10. With reviewers so quick to find the faults of just about any hyped product in the online market, after magnificent let-downs such as Age of Conan, SWTOR has held up amazingly well under fire.


However, some of these have raised suspicions, such as the game being awarded the 2010 Game Critics award for best PC game. Funny, seeing as not even testing had begun until 2011.


We are currently seeing the first large batch of players reach max level, which will put the second major test to the Developers, that being is there enough content to sustain a continued interest like we see in other Major MMORPGs. This has often been the failing point of other games, where players reach the maximum development of their character they realise there is nothing left to do. Usually this is countered by PvP Systems, which are thankfully present, but other end-game features such as trading and exploring found in the previous Star Wars game Galaxies are no where in sight.


In fact, without these added time-sinks, and companion characters doing simple tasks that occupy players in other games, we may find the gaming elite becoming positively bored in short order.

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Writing Wraps up for SWTOR

Just today the developers of SWTOR at Bioware announced that the story of the game, now three years into production, is finally finished.

That means every conversation, every cut scene and every iconic moment has been decided on, and all of the lines are now off to be recorded.

However, as the recent blog post says, there is still much to be done. While the rich stories of all 17 planets may have been decided on, many of the environments and characters have yet to be designed, so with the aid of the completed stories 3d artists are now going into overdrive in order to make sure that everything fits together seamlessly.

Also in the article was a brief overview of the inspiration that went into many of the environments of the game, including that of Nar Shaddaa. Apparently the main inspiration for its glitzy glamour is a Las Vegas of the 1970s, although players would be excused for not guessing it.

Also in the article was a look at how the environments have changed over time. Again, the main promenade of Nar Shaddaa has changed drastically due to feedback from testers and story writers. In the Place of what was quite a small and diminutive statue, there now stands an enormous likeness of a Hutt.

Other wildly renovated cities include Coronet on Corellia. Originally the ship yard was just a few buildings, with only names to proclaim its shipyard-dom. However, now it is a towering vista of construction and Corellian superiority.

The development process at Bioware by no means stops when the story is written, or even when the landscape and the game has been designed. No, there are constant reviews of everything completed to date (which may be why release has been so slow) in order to ensure that the final product, when opened to players, is as perfect as possible.

The new look of the Corellian shipyards.

The new look of the Corellian shipyards.

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Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage Review

Most do not the possess the Courage to view again.

Most do not the possess the courage to view again.

The Star Wars Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage is another of those Lucas products that would do best to be forgotten. The only reason this film, or to be fair, TV movie, would attract a single viewer is the Star Wars tag it sports. This is in effect its saving grace, because it is Star Wars, there are plenty of die hard fans who will watch it.

One thing is for sure though, none of those fans would have any pressing desire to watch it again.

The film is set solely on Endor, and revolves around two children; A young teenage boy, Mace, and his four year old sister Cindel. The kids, along with their two parents, accidentally crashed their space ship down onto Endor, after which the parents were quickly captured by the Gorax. Seeing as they are one family, and civilians at that, we wonder why Mace wears a rebel flight suit throughout much of the movie. After they discover their parents are missing, the kids set out to contact and/or rescue them.

The next hour or so of the film is fairly vague, they befriend some Ewoks, and walk a few hundred metres and apparently have arrived at the lair of the Gorax. Whatever happened during this mid-film chasm we are sure it was high drama on the seven seas.

The rescue goes according to what little plan the four year old could come up with, and the large pupet monkey man (Gorax) falls into some inexplicably placed canyon, apparently to his death. How anyone could cross the canyon normally or how such a thing was formed in the first place is thankfully omitted from the film.

The Ewok Adventure might actually not be such a bad film if you are four year old and love Ewoks, and this really is its target audience. Overall the acting is bad, the special effects (even though the film was produced many years after Star Wars) are worse, and the premise behind the plot even less appealing.

Star Wars Galaxies had the audacity to incorporate some of the Caravan of Courage’s characters into the game, such as the mighty Gorax! Although they weren’t bad characters per se, acknowledging the existence of the Caravan of Courage should probably be avoided by the Bioware developers of SWTOR if they can help themselves!

Overall the film earns a 3/10 rating. I acknowledge in many ways we have been quite harsh, as we don’t quite fit the 4-7 age bracket it is aimed at. However, we feel that even if you fall into this category there are far better films to watch with your valuable time.

Our four year old child star. Not very Starwarsy and Iconic

Our four year old child star. Not very Starwarsy and Iconic

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Ewok Adventure: The Battle For Endor Review

Ewoks: The Battle For Endor

Ewoks: The Battle For Endor

The Ewok Adventure: Battle For Endor is the sequel to the awful TV movie, Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage. What possessed any studio to produce a sequel to the first is beyond us, but it was done, and we as true Star Wars fans were obliged to watch it.

This film features the same characters as the Caravan of Courage. There is Cindel (four year old girl), Mace (her teen brother) and her two parents. There is also the usual gang of Ewoks, who are lead on screen by Wicket.

As mentioned in the previous review for the Caravan of Courage, this is certainly, for better or worse, a film aimed at children in terms of the characters and speech. However, this one has a very un-child friendly story. Just minutes into the film Cindel’s whole family is slaughtered by band of Marauders.

The film’s plot is similar to its predecessors in most ways in that it is silly, drawn out and unconvincing. The leader of the band of marauders who are called, guess what,  marauders, seems to be searching for some ship power source which he believes will give him magical powers. The more discerning viewer may not see why he needs to go so far afield, because some woman (whom is in league with the Marauders) has a ring which will turn her into a bird. Perhaps rather than capturing a four year old Cindel and asking her to transfer a power source’s magic to him, the chief should interrogate his bird lady.

Towards the end of the film is a final showdown between the Ewoks, Cindel, some old gentleman she picked up in the forest and the Marauders. Oh, there is also a white, fluffy, apparently sentient, animal who seems capable of running at unlimited speed and other acts of assorted wizardry. We know he is in league with the old man, but as to how his magical powers and super-fast-running work, your guess is as good as ours. Unsurprisingly, the Ewoks win the fight by a landslide using their catapults (which have become a lot more advanced since Return Of The Jedi) and rocks. Once victory is ensured, the adventurers farewell their Ewok comrades and the old man, his fluffy white wizard animal and Cindel fly off into the night.

Star Wars Galaxy again had the audacity to incorporate the Marauder race from this film into the game. Hopefully since Endor is still of little importance in The Old Republic, we will not see recurrences of this cancerous movie in SWTOR.

As far as films go this aught to satisfy only the most intrepid star-wars loving of toddlers. The whole thing is a fiasco of silly plots, characters and magicians with approximately zero redeeming traits. The film earns a 2/10 rating (Because it would be irresponsible to rank this on par with the Holiday special’s 1/10) and may god have mercy on the souls of all involved in production.

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