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Alderaan in The Old Republic

Alderaan in The Old Republic

Alderaan will unsurprisingly be one of the most important and affluent worlds in The Old Republic. Since the early days of galactic government, it’s long line of nobility has been at the forefront of inter-system politics. However, the Treaty of Coruscant did not sit well with many of the nobility, and this saw the planet’s withdrawal from the Republic. Unfortunately this opinion on intergalactic politics was not shared by vast swathes of the population, so consequently decades of civil war were to follow.

Alderaan still has an environment that is just the way it has been for millennia, which is quite a rarity during the times of The Old Republic. It’s environment is a peaceful one, devoid of many of the large predators found on other more treacherous worlds. The planet’s tranquillity attracts many tourists, and is perhaps what inspires their political traditions of peace and understanding.

During the Great War Alderaan was temporarily invaded by the Empire, but this occupation has left its mark on the environment, as well as the people. Some of its noble families have since adopted parts of the Empire’s mentality, which has sparked a number of problematic recent events.

More and more we are seeing both the Republic and Empire lend their support to the noble families of the planet which is only throwing more fuel on the potential blaze that is Alderaan during the events of SWTOR.

From the video Hope we are already aware that Alderaan will be one of the major war zones of TOR. There will be large Jedi and Sith forces on the ground, with many opportunities for both player vs player and player vs computer combat. This should make Alderaan a very popular locale for advanced players, although the thought of huge amounts of combat happening at a world famous for its peaceful ways may seem odd to many.

Throughout all Star Wars literature a large focus has been on Alderaan and it’s inhabitants, so it really came as no surprise when it was included in SWTOR. Lets just hope that the developers can portray the mythical planet in all its glory, as never before have fans really had the opportunity to explore it.

One of Alderaan's Imperial occupation forces.

One of Alderaan's Imperial occupation forces.

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