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Pre Release Music

As noted in previous articles, the music of Star Wars The Old Republic is an incredibly important aspect of the game, perhaps more so than any MMORPG before. With more than six composers on their Payroll, Bioware has certanly acknowledged this, which should see a very immersing experience for fans.

Although the collectors Edition of the game comes with the official soundtrack and its 17 compositions, these only represent a small sample of the best the game has to offer.

Perhaps to the dismay of keen players that ordered the collectors edition of the game, effectively paying a premium for this CD, Bioware has begun releasing the game’s soundtrack, one track per day, up until the release date.

This has gotten quite a lot of attention from fans, with the videos gathering more than 20 thousand views each on the first day.

Since the composers on the job are well known and respected in the field of game compositions, many of them working on previous Star Wars Projects, a lot was expected of the team, so thankfully judging from the pieces released so far they have performed very well.

Although the writers have avoided typical Star Wars Riffs, such as those featured in the original Trilogy, this might turn out to be for the better, as it is sure to mean many more copies of the soundtrack will sell once the game is released, hopefully drawing in more potential players. The music is however, as expected, rather similar to the previous Bioware Star Wars Games, KOTOR I and II. This seems rather fitting as it is from the same (similar) Era, with the same forces battling for supremacy, with the same real life composers!

Following is perhaps the best track released so far, The Mandolorian Blockade, which has been worked on by a team of the composers. Sounds good!

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Companions in SWTOR

Now that just about all of the companions for SWTOR have been finalised, we can finally see just how this system will play out for the average player.

People that have enjoyed games such as Mass Effect and KoTOR will be quite familiar with this system, as by in large companions will function in the way that they did in those previous games.
Throughout the story players will meet new companions, and fortune permitting, they may join them on their adventures across the galaxy. There are many different possibilities for each class, and they will generally take the typical stereotypes we are used to from Star Wars films and Games.

Each class will have their own romantic interest, their droid companion, as well as general fighters that should compliment each professions play style. This will mean high DPS sidekicks for Tanking professions such as Jedi Knight, and strong damage-takers for more fragile Sith Inquisitors.

Unlike in the previous games, Companions will take on whole new levels of customisation in Star Wars The Old Republic. Their behaviour will be controlled (to an extent) by the player, so as to maximise their effectiveness in combat, and their appearance will also be changeable, so we should not have every single player walking through Mos Eisley with identical HK-47 models.

As the developers revealed in their recent release, Companions in SWTOR will play a huge part in the story telling, and many of the quests and adventures players embark on will be due to their interactions with their party. This will mean players will grown very close to their in-game sidekicks, and everyone will certainly have a favourite among them.

For some this might be the useful alien that always have their back in combat, whilst others might prefer a master-craftsman Twi-Lek, even if she gives them a lot of back chat.

Blizz, a Jawa companion from SWTOR, sure to be a favourite.

Blizz, a Jawa companion from SWTOR, sure to be a favourite.

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Revan, the novel novel of The Old Republic

The Revan we all know from SWTOR.

The Revan we all know from SWTOR.

The head writer at bioware during KOTOR I and II has once again gone back to work, this time writing a novel set before, between and after the games.

This is set to reveal a lot of the stories that players of KOTOR may have wanted to find out, yet were not informed of during the two games.

Apparently this novel will feature stories from both of the games, including T3-M4, Canderous and everyone’s favorite, Bastila. Since it picks up just after the time of KOTOR I the book will tell the story of just how much of the SWTOR galaxy came into being, and it aught to take us almost right up to the start of The Old Republic.

According to the author of the book readers of the novel, when it is released, will have quite an advantage by knowing the politics behind the Empire, and the origins of the Sith Emperor during the times of SWTOR. This will slightly lower the learning curve for new players, so it will be a must for anyone aiming to set records in terms of game completion, as any prior knowledge is bound to come in handy.

Revan will also including information on some of the flashpoints of TOR, which should make finding a successful path through them for the first time far easier.

The author has always been a favorite of Star Wars fans since he published the Darth Bane series of books which were international best sellers. All of us here at SWTOR republic are looking forward to this next installment tremendously, and we do not think that it will disappoint. With the great standard of the previous two SWTOR books the bar has been set high, but we are sure this level of literary achievement will be present in Revan.

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The planet Taris.

The planet Taris.

Taris in the time of The Old Republic is a world sought by for the Republic, for nothing more than a symbolic victory. With their forces stretched thin across the galaxy it is surprising that such a costly endeavour was undertaken, but evidently re-colonising yet another world is worth the many Jedi and technicians working on the job.

Three hundred years before the events of SWTOR, Taris was laid waste to by the Sith, and they conducted genetic experiments on the planets wild life.

This is where we find Taris today. There are mutant critters running around, which are still highly contagious. This has meant the demise of many jedi, and will surely continue to do so in The Old Republic. Republic bases and military outposts account for all of the civilised life on the planet, although if the planet has its way this will change quickly.

There are rumoured to be deadly viruses, which in the past were contained in the lower levels of the surface’s run down metropolis. However, with recent rebuilding and discovery efforts there have been occasional outbreaks, and the ever present threat of the virus escaping in a transport ship off planet is always in the back of the settlers’ minds.

Taris will be a predominantly Republic controlled adventure world. Players will have a chance to gleam some experience against the diverse yet deadly wild life. Perhaps Taris was only added due to its featuring role in the KOTOR games, which explains the lack of content on its surface. Regardless, we expect so see many references to the older games, and perhaps opportunities to visit many sites players will remember.

An explorer in the underworld of Taris.

An explorer in the underworld of Taris.

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