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SWTOR Hitting pubescent Boys where it hurts.

With its release TV-spot, SWTOR has taken a new marketing stance. That is, to reel in pubescent boys from all across the globe with their one true weakness. Forget bullets, it is of course nothing other than Women.

After a gloriously impartial campaign until now it was perhaps only a matter of time before we saw all interested parties put their morals aside and go for glory, that being to squeeze out whatever cash possible from what has traditionally been one of the simplest audiences to please, the teenager.

The New TV spot, only 30 seconds long, spends at least 10 of these focused on alluring females. First the Bounty Hunter (with a very feminine whisper of Vengance) and then the Jedi Consular. Both are clearly far from combat ready or capable, perhaps they were just lost in the woods of Alderaan when fighting between Sith and Jedi forces broke out. Or perhaps there is a future class planned, something of a battle-beautician, ready at hand to apply makeup whenever the darlings need it.

Either way, with the sights set on this big money making subscriber base, more mature players can kiss their chances of peace good bye when the new army of 14 year olds storms the game over the next few weeks. Perhaps this is not such a bad thing, because we do know Simple things please Simple minds, so we might just find that this creates a very steady subscriber base, which will stick with Bioware through Thick and Thin!

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Gifting of SWTOR to continue post-christmas

2012's newest weapon of mass destruction.

2012's newest weapon of mass destruction.

With the Christmas cheer (Or Holiday Spirit for you mindless Politically Correct buffoons) truly done and dusted, it seems there has been no let up in the volume of SWTOR discs given as gifts between friends and confidants.

Recent research by the Harvard School of Psychology into negative gifting, i.e. giving gifts you expected and intend to have some detrimental affect on the receiver, may be able to shed some light on this and just why things are still rolling along so quickly at Bioware.

For years it has been recognised that (for reasonably competitive people) you can either have a) A subscription to an Online Game or b) Far reaching Achievements in life. Perhaps then this is why so many copies have walked out the door, because as shown by the Brown et Al research from the aforementioned Harvard school of Psychology, giving a game such as SWTOR to a budding enemy, or just non-cared-for acquaintance may be the ideal way to ensure he/she never again interferes with your life!

Professional rivalry? No problem. Romantic Rivalry? Not any more. The list of possible feuds that can be fixed by gluing your opponent to a computer is endless, so after all why should the end of the festive season be any reason not to make that last ditch effort to triumph over evil, once and for all?

Popular news services have commented on this as well over the last week, with quotes such as:

  • “Avoid the rush and buy for the Sith Lord or Jedi Master on your extended holiday shopping list.” – CNN
  • “I can recommend it for both Star Wars fans, online gamers and anyone with an addictive personality.” – New York Times
  • “Perfect for the recovering PC Gamer on your list.” –

So it would seem there is little potential buyers can do, SWTOR is your number one entertainment venue or weapon for 2012!

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