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The Family Guy take on Star Wars

Family guy has now released their entire original trilogy of Star Wars remakes, much to fan’s pleasure.

Over the years many remakes of the classic saga have made their way onto our screens, and usually with a great deal of laughter. Spaceballs for example took a great satirical take on the series, with great additions to the expanded universe, such as the schwartz and the rings which harnessed it.

The family guy saga rather than being a full length feature, is something more like a double length episode. However, over this time each one covers all the major events of the plots of each film. This means a lot of the dialog is gone, however most of the most recognizable lines are still there.

The series includes all of the favorite family guy characters such as Peter as Han, Louis as Leia, Chris as Luke and Meg as the Sarlacc. Stewie also makes an appearance as a Darth Vader which has a lot in common with Dark Helmet from Spaceballs.

Their take on ANH, Blue Harvest, began the series with great success. As it says in the title crawl for It’s a Trap (You guessed it, their version of ROTJ) this prompted them to make the rest of the saga, and according to a recent interview with Seth McFarlane editions of the three prequels may be churned out over the next year and a half. This will please many fans, and should provide many obvious chances for humor, taking advantage of ever-so-iconic characters such as Jar Jar Binks and a young Anakin Skywalker.

While Lucasfilms stays off their backs hopefully we can see Family guy continue their run of hilarious Star Wars Remakes, and perhaps even move onto other iconic movies (The Godfather or Indiana Jones anyone?) in the future!

Family Guy Blue Harvest was far from a flop!

Family Guy Blue Harvest was far from a flop!

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