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Coronet city on Corellia

Coronet city on Corellia

Corellia has always been one of the galactic centres of commerce, trade and humanity. It was one of the founders of The Galactic Republic, and continues to play a major part in galactic affairs during the events of SWTOR.

Many Corellians have gone on to achieve galactic fame during The Old Republic, as well as in later eras such as the Galactic Civil War where the Corellian Han Solo played a major role.

The capital of Corellia is Coronet City, which is one of the few galactic centres able to rival the grandeur of the Coruscant skyline. Additionally, it is a more refined and organised city, with park lands and public spaces in space of the rotting sub levels and basements which make up the Coruscant underworld.

Although Corellia is supposed to have unswerving loyalty to the Republic, during SWTOR it appears that something has happened to cut off a majority of it’s communications with the outside galaxy. Prior to the communications blank many unsubstantiated rumours circulated detailing increasing Imperial presence on the planet, as well as the possibility of corrupt Sith influence in the highest levels of government.

Recently Holo-vids from the planet’s surface have shown violent riots and skirmishes across the capital Coronet. Although they are not obviously caused by Imperial forces, terrorism is rather the apparent protagonist, the sly hand of the Sith is suspected to be pulling many of the strings.

As Corellia is a major player in intergalactic politics, the Republic will stop at nothing to protect its interest there, and we can expect an impending occupation by their forces.

In SWTOR Corellia will present an interesting battleground between Republic and Imperial forces, as well as whatever terrorist organisations may be present. It is a world famous for its disregard for the law, so we will undoubtedly see the Han Solos of the old republic plying their trade there.

An already bleeding Coronet under further attack.

An already bleeding Coronet under further attack.

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