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Bounty Hunter Progression



Bounty Hunter will undoubtedly be one of the most popular classes in Star Wars The Old Republic. This should have been evident from the game’s precursor- Star Wars Galaxies – which was always filled with players trying to ply their trade by hunting down others.

The latest Bounty Hunter progression video shows just how the players of the class will progress as they climbs the ranks of SWTOR. Like other professions, the class separates into two main strains, each with their own special abilities and armoury.

All of the armour and weapons shown so far seem to be very befitting of the way the class has been depicted in previous games and movies.
Many long time fans of the trade may have played Star Wars Bounty Hunter back in the days of Playstation 2. Although it may not have been one of the headline Star Wars games of the console (Battlefront series anyone?) It was certainly up there with the likes of Jedi Starfigher and their many run-offs.

One thing that players of Bounty Hunter might find interesting in SWTOR is sure to be the music, as once again the Game composing legend Jeremy Soule will be on the scene. Although we have not heard much of the game’s soundtrack so far, mainly because no testers are quite game to lose their testing rights, soon all will be revealed with the release in upcoming months. One thing is for sure however, like similarly composed Knights of the Old Republic, the developers will not look past the soundtrack, and every profession and past time, Bounty Hunter included, will have its own theme for players to grow to love.

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