SWTOR becomes Free, cartel coins and future

It is now widely known and the rumors were indeed true that SWTOR is free. But how free is it really? Only the Game client itself remains free. You could say this is a freemium model but Free players on free package really get next to nothing.

Gametime or subscriptions are now optional and come in two flavors. Preferred Status and Subscription itself. A comparison of Preferred status and Subscription as wella s Free play is available here http://www.swtor.com/free/features The buy now on the right actually buys you the preferred status in the game which is a one-off item. This is also true for all those who purchased the original game.

To be honest those on Free 2 play have told me that it’s not worth it but it’s good to get a preview only. It’s nothing more than a trial as you constantly fight against limitations which were imposed as an after thought to changing the game model.

Cartel coins is the in-game currency (obviously) and what bothers me is that unlike other MMOs that include some coins in monthly subscription SWTOR chose not to. Does it really affect the gameplay or the ability to do better simply because you are paying more? Perhaps other fellow SWTOR mates can share their views.


Those who paid are not really left behind because all the items we got (useful or not) are actually add-ons that need additional payment.

If you are looking to subscribe I recommend the 60 Day subscription first and always. The cool part is you can get the price lower on Amazon almost always. See below.

You can expect to buy for 3$-10$ less than the regular SWTOR site listed price.