Game Tasks, The New Way to Up your game.

GameTasks, New Online Service.

GameTasks, New Online Service.

Recently released websites, such as GameTasks,  have introduced players to a new way to play online, offline, and even MMORPG games..

Although sites like this are still in their infancy, they provide very useful services which, before long might find the average gamer a lot of extra time to do the things they want to, and spend less time on the boring parts added to most games to slow players down.

Anyone can offer their services on such websites, as it doesn’t cost anything to register and they don’t ask you for personal information. For customers, there will always be someone get you past boring points in games, make you money, and help you level up, or just be there as a helping hand if you prefer to do things yourself.

For many people, finding a good group of players can be hard to do, perhaps they live in a different time zone, or can only play odd hours. This is where services like GameTasks come in. For as little as $2 per hour, you can Rent a Gaming Buddy, who can play just about any game at any time, to ensure someone has your back on long and hard quests. You can also get PVP training as well as get paid to train others. Gamers who are experts in their respective fields can offer their help for money, meaning the hired players are generally the cream of the crop, and customers are certain to get their moneys worth.

The other major service offered by Game Tasks services is to just do traditional one on one teaching. You might want to learn how to duel as a Trooper in Star Wars The Old Republic, or how to beat the Death Star level of Star Wars The Force Unleashed (One of the predecessors of SWTOR). Even if you don’t see your particular task or mission listed on the site, you can request it in the shout box, and the helpful group will get to your request as soon as possible (which if early results are anything to go on, is pretty fast!). Also, If you have some special gaming skill, you can put a shout on the Game Tasks Quest Help section, and when a player comes along needing your specialized set of skills, you will be notified.

All in all, websites like GameTasks and others provide an interesting new corner to the gaming market, and as their rapid growth continues we will see their services become common place across the net. So what are you waiting for, it’s free to register, they don’t ask you for any more information than it takes to register to a forum, and they pay you via paypal.