Pre-Order Bonuses

A weapon colour change stone given to players that pre-order.

A weapon colour change stone given to players that pre-order.

Before the official launch of the SWTOR Pre-order pack there was a lot of speculation within the community as to what exactly it might contain. Previous games have often gone to great lengths to encourage players to part with their money before playing, and it was hoped that Star Wars The Old Republic would be no exception.

Star Wars Galaxies for example gave out substantial in game gifts with purchases, such as the AT-RT for the complete adventures, and the Grievous wheel bike for the online download. These were both extremely popular, however they did come with their downsides. Both were profusely farmed by the more untoward members of the community, which did work to the detriment of the community at large.
However, these are generally problems that should be easy to avoid, so assuming the developers at Bioware have their wits about them it should pose no issue.

The current planned gifts for players keen and confident enough to pay for SWTOR, months before they have first played it, are quite numerous. All packs feature a free colour stone to be used on players’ weapons, and there are two special editions currently planned, the Collectors Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition.

The Digital Deluxe Edition alone contains a free Flare gun, Training Droid, Holodancer, Holocam and STAP speeder, which should be more than enough to tempt dubious buyers into dishing out the extra cash required.

The Collectors Edition goes one step further, including all of the Digital Deluxe’s gifts, as well as as a Mouse Droid and Item Store in game, along with a wide range of collectable memorabilia such as a soundtrack CD, statuette and Galaxy Map.

All in all there is quite a large assortment of goodies up for grabs if players are confident enough to pre-order the game, and so far it looks like quite a number will do so.