Pre-Order SWTOR

Now that SWTOR has finally been released for pre-order, fans of The Old Republic are flocking to online stores and supermarkets alike to grab their own special copy, so that they are ensured play time on the very first day it is released. The moral is, Pre Order SWTOR Now!

As one of the most anticipated games of 2011, SWTOR will fly off the shelves, so many fans assume (perhaps correctly) that if they do not get in early, they may find themselves at the end of a long queue for the game when it finally enters its second run of production.

To accompany this announcement, the developers at Bioware released a brand new promotional video ‘Join the Fight’ at the recent Comic-con. This short cinematic takes fans through a quick run down of the professions, and reveals some previously unseen abilities which are sure to be a hit with the players of each profession. Also included in the video is a brief snippet of The Old republic’s soundtrack, which so far seems to be truly phenomenal. As of yet only videos have been released, but they feature expertly crafted mashups of well known Star Wars refrains, as well as original pieces composed for The Old Republic.

Now that SWTOR is ready to be ordered, we should see the interest in the game rise, and players become even more vocal, because now that they’ve paid for the game they will very much want to receive what they hoped they paid for.