Prospective Players of SWTOR

One thing that will make or break anyone’s experience in SWTOR will be the players in the galaxy with them.

Pretty much since the beginning of online gaming many stigma have been attached to Gamers, which have been both bad and good. One thing the developers at bioware will have to do is to ensure these good traits, and try to minimise the number of players in the game world that embody the bad.

Now, to make an entertaining game for the widest number of people, there will always need to be the class clowns. A few trolls here and there never hurt anyone, and generally they pay more than their fair share of bills and make the game competitive for all.

One thing that is needed in no game world, or any world for that matter, is carebears. Cearbears and Roleplayers.
Since the beginning of MMO gaming such players have been the bane of your everyday player, as they have strived to prevent such players from enjoying the game in the ways they like to.
It is players like these that Star Wars Galaxies fans have to thank for riveting new game-play updates, such as the Combat Upgrade, and the following new game enhancements.

With constant wines of ‘this game is too hard’ or ‘people are better than me’ we see in any game, the developers starting to take notice. Once they have seen such thoughts vocalised, these are often the ideas they latch on to, as they are generally the most easy to implement and, from their perspective of a vocal minority in the community, quite popular among the players.

We can only hope that Roleplaying and excessive Care-bearing will be cracked down on in Star Wars The Old Republic. Hard.

Without such moderation rivers of tears threaten to well up on the forums, blogs, and even in game, and change the game in many ways which will certainly not be for the best.

What can players do about this you may ask? There is only one known antidote to players such as these and that is formidable trolling, which brings us nicely back to the beginning of this article. Get your blasters ready trolls, there are Roleplayers to be farmed!

We took the liberty of finding your first target, watch out for carebears such as this: