Revan, the novel novel of The Old Republic

The Revan we all know from SWTOR.

The Revan we all know from SWTOR.

The head writer at bioware during KOTOR I and II has once again gone back to work, this time writing a novel set before, between and after the games.

This is set to reveal a lot of the stories that players of KOTOR may have wanted to find out, yet were not informed of during the two games.

Apparently this novel will feature stories from both of the games, including T3-M4, Canderous and everyone’s favorite, Bastila. Since it picks up just after the time of KOTOR I the book will tell the story of just how much of the SWTOR galaxy came into being, and it aught to take us almost right up to the start of The Old Republic.

According to the author of the book readers of the novel, when it is released, will have quite an advantage by knowing the politics behind the Empire, and the origins of the Sith Emperor during the times of SWTOR. This will slightly lower the learning curve for new players, so it will be a must for anyone aiming to set records in terms of game completion, as any prior knowledge is bound to come in handy.

Revan will also including information on some of the flashpoints of TOR, which should make finding a successful path through them for the first time far easier.

The author has always been a favorite of Star Wars fans since he published the Darth Bane series of books which were international best sellers. All of us here at SWTOR republic are looking forward to this next installment tremendously, and we do not think that it will disappoint. With the great standard of the previous two SWTOR books the bar has been set high, but we are sure this level of literary achievement will be present in Revan.