Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage Review

Most do not the possess the Courage to view again.

Most do not the possess the courage to view again.

The Star Wars Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage is another of those Lucas products that would do best to be forgotten. The only reason this film, or to be fair, TV movie, would attract a single viewer is the Star Wars tag it sports. This is in effect its saving grace, because it is Star Wars, there are plenty of die hard fans who will watch it.

One thing is for sure though, none of those fans would have any pressing desire to watch it again.

The film is set solely on Endor, and revolves around two children; A young teenage boy, Mace, and his four year old sister Cindel. The kids, along with their two parents, accidentally crashed their space ship down onto Endor, after which the parents were quickly captured by the Gorax. Seeing as they are one family, and civilians at that, we wonder why Mace wears a rebel flight suit throughout much of the movie. After they discover their parents are missing, the kids set out to contact and/or rescue them.

The next hour or so of the film is fairly vague, they befriend some Ewoks, and walk a few hundred metres and apparently have arrived at the lair of the Gorax. Whatever happened during this mid-film chasm we are sure it was high drama on the seven seas.

The rescue goes according to what little plan the four year old could come up with, and the large pupet monkey man (Gorax) falls into some inexplicably placed canyon, apparently to his death. How anyone could cross the canyon normally or how such a thing was formed in the first place is thankfully omitted from the film.

The Ewok Adventure might actually not be such a bad film if you are four year old and love Ewoks, and this really is its target audience. Overall the acting is bad, the special effects (even though the film was produced many years after Star Wars) are worse, and the premise behind the plot even less appealing.

Star Wars Galaxies had the audacity to incorporate some of the Caravan of Courage’s characters into the game, such as the mighty Gorax! Although they weren’t bad characters per se, acknowledging the existence of the Caravan of Courage should probably be avoided by the Bioware developers of SWTOR if they can help themselves!

Overall the film earns a 3/10 rating. I acknowledge in many ways we have been quite harsh, as we don’t quite fit the 4-7 age bracket it is aimed at. However, we feel that even if you fall into this category there are far better films to watch with your valuable time.

Our four year old child star. Not very Starwarsy and Iconic

Our four year old child star. Not very Starwarsy and Iconic