Ancient Greeks, SWTOR Troopers and Boba Fett

You would be forgiven for asking what a SWTOR trooper, ancient Greeks and Boba Fett all have in common, that is, until you took a closer look at their helmets.

The SWTOR Trooper's helmet.

The SWTOR Trooper's helmet.

The fact that a number of the helmets and items from Star Wars The Old Republic bear striking similarities to those which were in use during the movies set thousands of years in the future has been brought up a number of times, and nobody can deny that this is the case. However, there is a fairly simple explanation for this that anybody who knows their Ancient history should be able to figure out.

There are only so many possible distinct styles of sensible combat helmet that can be made, and the ancient Romans and Greeks had the most effective of these figured out thousands of years ago. For centuries, battles in the ancient world were fought with swords and shields, so it’s no surprise that over this long history they developed and perfected their protective gear. Most helmet designs are pretty simple, you need a slot for the eyes to see through, some kind of space for the nose, and protection pretty much every where else. In addition to this, the protection should be angled and sloped in such a way as to best deflect attacks from as many directions as possible.

The 300 Boba Fett

The Spartan Fett

When it came time for the costume designers of the Star Wars movies to design battle helmets, they decided to trust in the research of our ancient ancestors, and modelled many of the helmets in the films on them. Darth Vader’s helmet is based on those of Japanese samurai, and the helmets of both Boba Fett and the Clone Troopers are based on ones used in the Greco-Roman world. To the right is Spartan helmet from the movie 300 painted in Boba Fett colours, the similarities to the actual bounty hunter’s face plate are undeniable.

Fett's distinctive helmet

Fett's distinctive helmet

The helmet of an ancient Greek

An Ancient Greek helmet

A clone trooper helmet

A clone trooper helmet

Is it really that surprising that many of the helmets in SWTOR are similar to their descendants later in the Star Wars time line?

During the thousands of years between SWTOR and the galactic civil war, the helmets of The Old Republic would have undergone significant development, but their distant ancestors would still bear some resemblance to their predecessors. This explains why the helmets and armour of the old republic could, and should, share many features with their descendants.

For those still in doubt, the picture at the bottom of the page is of NASA’s Robonaut II. It is a multi purpose humanoid robot designed to assist astronauts aboard the International Space Station. As the designers say, it’s face is based on ancient Roman Centurion helmets in use more than two thousand years ago. Seeing as this copy-catting happens in real science and engineering, is it really so surprising that the cutting edge technology of the clone wars and galactic civil war would, like ours does, resemble that of its ancient ancestors?

The Robobnaut II’s helmet is uncannily similar to Boba Fett’s, which is not surprising since they were both based on a common ancestor.

Robonaut II, A real life Boba Fett set to move in to the International Space Station on Feb 24th

Robonaut II, A real life (albeit more cheerful) Boba Fett set to move into the International Space Station on Feb 24th 2011

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