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Star Wars Battlefront

An ice cave from Battlefront

An ice cave from Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront will forever be a classic Star Wars game of console gaming. Its game-play is fast paced and interesting, and in this SWTOR has a lot to learn from it. For its time, it was a very new and exciting shooter, and allowed players to participate in all of their favourite battles from the Star Wars saga.

The game mainly revolved around conquest modes, where players had to capture and hold command points. A game could be won by either capturing every command point simultaneously, or by defeating all of the reinforcements on the opposing team. This is a fairly interesting game type, which is very lucky because almost all battles in the game are of this variety.

The units in Battlefront were pretty much what anyone would expect from a Star Wars shooter. There were stealth classes, snipers, soldiers and other special classes that could be unlocked during battles. Also on the battlefield occasionally were heros, but unfortunately unlike in Battlefront II, these could only be controlled by the computer.

There were numerous vehicles in Battlefront, as well as star fighters that players could pilot. It lacked specific space modes, so these fighters were constrained to flight within the atmosphere on the ground maps, which worked surprisingly a well (and is another thing the Bioware developers of SWTOR could learn from).

Outside if campaign there is of course an Instant action mode, and an additional Galactic Conquest game type. This involves commanding fleets and taking over the galaxy, one star at a time, which gives players much more freedom to pick their fights, although they are much the same as the ones encountered in campaign or instant action mode.

Battlefront has a good star-warsy feel to it, and enough content to keep the average player entertained for some hours. Even though every game is the same old conquest mode, this mode allows for enough uniqueness that battles are rarely the same, so players do not bore easily (even if they are repeating the same map over and over again). Although by today’s standards the graphics are pretty ordinary, at the time they were much more acceptable and even attractive in some regards. In this regard Battlefront and Star Wars The Old Republic are quite similar, as neither is trying to break new ground in the visuals department.

Over all Battlefront achieves a 7/10 rating.


  • Engaging Star Wars feel.
  • Lengthy campaign with re-playability value.
  • Good range of classes.
  • Interesting vehicle combat and piloting.


  • Average Graphics.
  • Repetitive conquest mode.
  • Often foolish AI.
Flying a droid figher (which you somehow get inside of)

Flying a droid figher (which you somehow get inside of)

If you’d now like to give Star Wars Battlefront a go for yourself, it is for sale on Amazon, at less than five dollars!

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