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Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront II is probably the best Star Wars FPS game released to date. Through the campaign, players are involved in major battles as a member of the 501st, an elite regiment of troopers, during the Clone wars and Galactic Civil War.

When playing there is no doubt that this is the successor of Star Wars Battlefront I, as many of the good points from Battlefront have been included and improved upon in this second edition. Probably the best part of the game, and the one which the developers of SWTOR can learn the most from, is the engaging story line. It really makes players feel like they ARE one of the clone brothers of the 501st, and we see the transition from Galactic Republic to Galactic Empire from this new and interesting perspective.

The single player campaign of Battlefront II has many improvements over that of its predecessor. Even though both games are set during the same time, with the same infantry regiment, there are enough different battles in the second instalment of the series to make it not seem like an updated version of the first. This is vital, because they do effectively tell the same story, and a few of aforementioned the battles ARE featured in both.

The campaign of Battlefront II is objective oriented (although some times you do need to resort to the familiar capture points and defeat reinforcements) which is what really allows for considerable story to be added to the game. During battles, if the player is doing well enough, it is possible to play for one life as a Hero character, such as Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi or Han Solo. This adds some interesting flavour to the game, as each of the Heros have their own special abilities, and are far stronger than normal units (although you do lose health over time).

A clone ARC-170 assaults a CIS cruiser

A clone ARC-170 assaults a CIS cruiser

Proper space warfare is also featured in Battlefront II, and provides quite a reasonable Star Wars flight simulator in doing so. Players can blast capital ships and other fighters from the outside, or board them and gut their interiors. Although it is by no means a fully fledged flight simulator, or even as in depth as X-wing Vs Tie Fighter might have been, it does have a nice spacey feel to it and is about as realistic as something designed to allow players to feel what flying a Star Wars starfigher might actually be like can be. This is another place in which the developers of The Old Republic could learn from Battlefront II, by implementing multi player space combat such as this, not just Star Fox style linear arcade modes.

The Emperor goes to town on Leia in Instant Action mode

The Emperor goes to town on Leia in Instant Action mode

In addition to the campaign mode there is a galactic conquest mode as in Battlefront I, and other Instant Action modes which are very entertaining. These include things like a Wampa invasion of Echo base battle, and an all hero battle-royal in Mos Eisley between our favourite Star Wars characters, regardless of what era they are from. One aspect which incorporates all of the game modes is the battle award feature. Players can get awards for achieving certain milestones during each life, and are given temporary upgrades for doing so. If enough of these milestones are achieved over the course of many battles, they are permanently awarded to the player and are in effect during any future fighting.

All in all Star Wars Battlefront II is a good quality Star Wars game, which can still be enjoyed even by today’s audience who are used to games like Call of Duty Black Ops and Bad Company 2. It offers many improvements over Battlefront I, and provides an engaging story and many hours of other content for players to enjoy.

Overall Battlefront II achieves a 8/10 Rating.


  • Space and hero combat is very entertaining
  • Immersive campaign with the 501st
  • Nice visuals, game engine and general game play
  • Good selection of never-before-seen battles from the era
  • Cons:

  • The AI is once again quite unintelligent
  • Some of the classes, although cool, are rather useless
  • Minimal re-playability value
  • If you’d now like to try Battlefront II for yourself, it is available from Amazon for less than 10 bucks.

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