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SWTOR Now available in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong

Star Wars the Old Republic has already over a million players currently. The good news for those of you in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, or in the regions nearby, is that SWTOR is now finally available for Purchase and online play.

While several stores have copies and Regular Box editions are just fine, people are heading over to Amazon (see the right side of this page for the original copy link) to buy their copy. Since no shipping is really needed and you can download your copy all you need are the “Keys”. RIght, just select the link on the right of this page for SWTOR original copy, which takes you to Amazon page for the game. Sign up , purchase and download. You will be playing in 10 minutes.

I have considered the idea of collector’s edition but not only are the in-game stuff extra vague, from what I found out it’s just so-so. Again grab from Amazon for better deals and save yourself some cash for the game time cards.

Well I hope to see a lot of friends in SWTOR from Singapore and Australia for sure. Time to show off my Green light saber.

P.S. For those who can’t grab a copy from Amazon ask your friends in US to grab it for you.

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Choose Your Side, or Rather Class

The puzzlingly named Choose Your Side features have continued today, as fans count down the days until release, with a match up between Imperial Agent and Jedi Consular taking place.

Always keen to make their employees seem like real people to the public (rather than the un-sleeping computer maniacs we know they really are) some light banter was put up on The Old Republic’s website detailing the hot topic of debate in the Bioware office, which class had the upper hand in a Consular vs Agent battle.

Now, seeing as many of these fights have happened already during testing the developers are somewhat playing coy with the population, because as released seven weeks ago, we already have the number for one on one combat that has taken place.

Originally the article was to be found here , but due to the need for more content to go into the weekly news it has been removed, and hypothetical ‘class Matchups’ have been added instead.

But thankfully as we have the official site’s news archived here at SWTOR Republic we can look up the numbers to see which has the upper hand.

The real numbers show a slightly different side of the story as the “they are balanced” message sent in the Choose Your Side feature. For all one on one fights that have taken place so far the current winner is the Imperial Agent, but a 69% success landslide.

Perhaps this should not be surprising. A solo class matched up against a group play style class is always bound to present some imbalances, however generally we would have expected things to have been slightly better than we have seen.

As the release grows nearer, now only 13 days away, many are racing to pre-order the game to secure their cheaper, and fully featured copies. If market research done so far is anything to go on, the game may be scarce in standard retailers for quite some time.

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