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PAX Highlights

The Old Republic at PAX East

The Old Republic at PAX East

Today the developers of SWTOR released a video detailing some of the exciting events that happened at this year’s PAX summit.

All in all, it looks like a great time was had by all.

There were costumed jesters dressed as troopers, jedi and Sith lords patroling the show, as well as developers and higher-ups at Bioware there to talk with their fans. Many players queued for more than five hours to get in, but their perseverance was worth it in the end when they found banks of computers where they could play SWTOR for the very first time.

This proved interesting and illuminating for new players and old time fans alike. The overwhelming responses were positive, and many found hours go by before they were asked by security guards dressed as scout troopers to move along.

The developers said recently on the official site that they were very pleased with the fan dedication, although perhaps a little freaked out by some. More than one couple was at the convention on their honeymoon.

As the release date grows closer, more and more public awareness events like this will be run, and it will give players from all over the world chances to experience this much awaited game still months from release. Hopefully Bioware will be a bit more worldly-conscious than other gaming companies, and perhaps hold summits outside of the United States, as wherever they go there are sure to be big turn outs.

This time next year Star Wars The Old Republic will be in full swing and perhaps the PAX summit will bring news of exciting new expansions, but for now all of the games supporters are waiting with baited breath for the ever approaching release date.

Some highlights for the summit can be found in this video.

The PAX East summit in full swing.

The PAX East summit in full swing.

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Taral V Walkthrough

One of Yoda's ancestors laying down the law.

One of Yoda's ancestors laying down the law.

Recently at the PAX summit, the developers of TOR revealed to viewers a walk-through of the Taral V flashpoint. This will be one of the most popular flashpoints in Star Wars The Old republic, and although the demonstrating player was predominantly focusing on healing, it is easy to see how exciting these missions will be.

The player, a Smuggler, was evidently taking the usual place of Consular in this encounter and focused mostly on the livelihood of their team mates. From this demonstration it appears that Smuggler may be more of a support class than many though, as it would be no mean feat to keep the entire team up throughout the flashpoint.

The general gist of SWTOR combat can also be seen from video. Things are not over or under quick, and it appears that players execute specials about once every second. This will be a welcome change for many ex players of Star Wars Galaxies, who would have been used to mashing furiously at their keys to fire off as many in quick succession as possible. Such a slowed down system like in TOR certainly adds more thought to the game, and turns it into a thinkers game, rather than victory being decided by who can press the buttons fastest.

The graphics of SWTOR in this video also seem to have taken a turn for the better. Especially when the game was first released onto the internet, there were many complaints about the graphics quality. The size and shape of the lightsabers was one popular gripe, however it seems the developers at Bioware have taken care of this quite admirably.

The video for Taral V follows, but bear in mind it has been filmed presumably on a phone at the recent PAX convention!


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