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Developers unable to prevent SWTOR hacks.

Recent additions to the popular gamer program Cheat Engine have enabled its usage throughout SWTOR, much to the dismay of the developers at bioware.

Cheat Engine allows players to speed up individual processes on their computer, in this case Star Wars The Old Republic. Doing so increases the speed at which ALL clientside computations are done, so characters move faster, abilities are cast more quickly, and you can power through boring encounters that once took all day.

As far as use in PvE environments goes, Speedhacks such as this are virtually harmless, a victimless crime some would say. It allows players to go through the (many) boring parts of the game without wasting time, and thereby move on to more exciting missions.

However, in PvP cheat engine and other equivalents provide a serious problem that the Bioware team for SWTOR must iron out as soon as possible. As of now, it is very simply for even computationally-illiterate players to enable these hacks, thereby making them much better than anyone else in a battleground. Imagine how much of an advantage being able to move five times as fast and use five times as many abilities would be.

Although the current cheatengine is undetectable by the game itself, GMs are now banning players that employ it on site. This has worked as a satisfactory deterrent to its use in PvP, as reports from disgruntled opponents are quickly answered. Although there is no current conceivable solution for players using these exploits in solo raids, many would argue it is not worth Bioware’s time to bother trying to prevent such events occurring. After all, shouldn’t it be the players choice where they spend their hours in game? At least the sped up gameplay can make boring missions quick, even if they are still not particularly entertaining.

The following short video details all steps in the process to using the cheatengine program, one of the many alternatives. Whilst doing so around other players will get you banned before long, using it to speed up boring raids and instances is virtually undetectable and will not result in any form of punishment.



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